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Performer Profile

Since arriving in the scene, Amanda Flageolle has captured and intrigued the performing arts and educational theatre communities with incredible work. From acting to directing to mentoring young playwrights, Amanda Flageolle gathers inspiration from personal narratives, music, and women around the world.


Program Development | Director of Performing Arts

Thunder TheatreWorks |
Director of Performing Arts


Although GALS Denver theatre has been going strong since 2015, the theatre company, Thunder TheatreWorks, has its inaugural production with the 2021 Playwright's Showcase, followed by Flares Improv in May the same year. Thunder TheatreWorks produces 5 shows annually, spanning grades 6-12, and involving over 100 students each year. As Director of Performing Arts, I hire teaching artists, direct productions such as "The Revolutionists" and "The Wiz," select all shows, mentor playwrights and student directors, and foster a theatrical experience for all students.

Student Voice Series |
Playwright's Showcase

December 2015 - ongoing

The foundation of theatre at the Girls Athletic Leadership Schools - Denver, "The Playwright's Showcase" fully produces 5-6 student written plays from that school year. Between 20-50 plays are submitted for each showcase, and the one acts are narrowed down to a single night of one acts. Since 2015, I have produced and directed 6 showcases.

Student Voice Series |

January 2016 - ongoing

Improv - the guts and glory of Thunder TheatreWorks at GALS. From short form to long form, theatre sports to team productions, and an array of improv courses, we are always making stuff up. Students develop a greater sense of self and confidence through improv skill growth and stage practicum, and all students in the high school take at least one semester of improv as a graduation requirement for voice and skill development.

Casting Director |

Athena Project Arts

May 2020 - Ongoing

Athena Project empowers women through the arts. I have had the delight to cast several productions and camps for a variety of staged and workshop readings for new plays. As the casting director, I look for actors who have a true dedication and passion to new work, and who represent the wide variety of humanity in our world. I believe in the dignity of every human being and the dignity of their individual walks in life; theatre is a living, breathing reflection of life, and should represent all stories.

Education Coordinator | 
Athena Project Arts

April 2013 - August 2017

The first step on my journey as a theatre educator, I planned summer camps for students, supported curriculum development for playwriting, hired actors for performances, worked with locations for space planning, scheduled and led meetings for creative and logistical teams.

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